Exchange and Reuse
Clinical Data

Exchange and Reuse
Clinical Data

A forward-thinking innovator in the field of medical informatics and a spin-off from the University of Genoa, Healthropy Srl exists to promote interoperability in health care to create solutions that are truly capable of supporting the reuse of clinical data.

What we do

We provide our highly specialized and established knowledge, which comes from strong ties with the university and involvement in HL7 Italy and HL7 Europe for:

  • Develop HQuantum©, "in the Cloud" service platform to concretely support interoperability, managing processes such as terminology management with the suite of services HQuantum© Terminology Service (HTS).
  • Adopt HQuantum© to support scientific research by designing and developing innovative solutions for clinical data analysis.
  • Develop innovative solutions to promote the research of organizations and associations.
  • Provide advice on the adoption of HL7 standards and the definition of profiles and implementation guides.

Where to find us

Registered Office
Corso Vittorio Veneto, 14B
(17100) Savona, Italy
Tel. +39 010 897 24 00
Local Unit
Viale Francesco Causa, 13
16145 Genova, Italy
Data protection officer
Eng. Norbert Maggi
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