University Spin-Off

Healthropy S.r.l. became a recognized spin-off partner of Genoa university in February 2015. A spin-off partner with the University of Genoa is a company founded by one or more researcher in order to exploit the results of their research and scientific and technological competencies. Legally, a spin-off company operates in the same way as any other registered company, with the additional benefit of having a member of the University staff as a partner. The University of Genoa supports the creation of spin-off companies, as it recognises them as the main tool for the transfer of technology to the market. The only condition of being a spin-off is that the activity of the company is totally separate from and not competitive with the functions and research programmes of the University. The great benefit of being a spin-off company is the ready access to the facilities and skills of a leading university. A spin off is a true symbiosis between the academic and commercial enterprises.

The trademark “Spin off dell’Università degli Studi di Genova” only testifies that the the spin off company derives from Genoa University, therefore, this website is not directly attributable to the University itself